Selling A Car To A Car Removal Company VS. Selling The Car To A Wrecker

When you are in the situation of having an accident, you have a few different options to get cash for the car. If you are the DIY mechanic type, you might opt to dismantle the car for working parts and components that you could sell.

If not, your choice will likely be a wrecker or a car removal company. Both are good options. However, one will likely be more convenient than the other. You guessed it. A removal company offers sheer convenience when selling an accident car.

With a wrecker, you may find that they are only interested in certain makes and models of cars, so it may be tough to find a wrecker that will accept your car. You may also find that you need to bring the car to them to get it appraised and sold. That could mean a couple of hundred dollars in towing fees. With a removal company, you won’t have that problem.  

What About the Price Difference?

Typically, a wrecker will make you a cash offer for the parts and components that they can recondition or pull and resale. The car may sit on an open plot for years, contaminating the environment, which is an unhealthy option for the environment. With a Car Removal Company, the parts and components that are in good condition will be pulled and reconditioned, and the remainder of the car will be recycled, so typically there is good cash to be made from the car, if not more cash.   

There are many car removal companies that buy and remove accident cars to wreck and recycle the cars. With their process, you have a way to dispose of your car that is eco-friendly and a way that pays great cash for the car. Their buying system doesn’t take long. You contact them for a quote, and they’ll make you an offer. Accept, and schedule a free car removal as many of them offer free car removal services throughout the city.   

To obtain a cash quote, please contact them, or visit their website for an instant online quote. Both ways are fast and convenient.