How To Cancel An Order On Bootbarn

Wearing shoes that make your toes numb or garments that look better in the shop than on you is not fun. If you purchased some underwhelming products from Boot Barn, sending them back isn’t a big deal. The Boot Barn return policy allows you to get a refund or an exchange provided you meet specific requirements.

The Complete Guide to Boot Barn’s Return Policy

To be eligible for a refund or exchange under the Boot Barn return policy, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The receipt serves as proof of purchase. Boot Barn won’t accept your product if you don’t comply with this requirement.
  • When shipping a product, it must be in its original packaging—boxes or bags are ok.
  • The product tags that came with it must be attached.
  • To be eligible, items must be in brand-new condition, free of any signs of use, wear, scratches, or damage of any kind. Worn on carpet rather than concrete or hard floors is the best way to test out new shoes without causing damage.
  • If you seek a return within 60 days after the date of purchase, the merchant will take it into consideration. You can get a refund, an exchange, or a store credit if you bought something online and wish to return it to a store.

Make sure you know that shipping and handling fees are not refunded.

Is Boot Barn responsible for remitting my money back to my original payment method?

A refund is issued to the original form of payment if you made a purchase in a physical retail location.

If you paid with cash, you will receive a check back from Boot Barn as part of their return policy.

Is There a Timeframe for a Refund?

In most cases, the length of time it takes to return an item and receive a refund is determined by the following:

  • time it takes a shipment to arrive at its destination
  • Upon arrival at the company’s warehouse, an item is inspected.
  • Based on the paperwork you provided, your credit will be processed.
  • Within one to three weeks of submitting a return request, you should get your refund. The processing should take no more than three business days after arrival at the warehouse. Once Boot Barn has completed this step, they will contact you through email.

If you opt for a refund instead of a replacement, the cash will arrive on your account within two to five business days.

Is it Possible to Return Items if I Don’t Meet the Specified Conditions?

Not knowing the order number or going beyond the 60-day time restriction does not automatically preclude you from returning Boot Barn products. Send an email to if you don’t match the requirements.

  • Your full name is
  • Address
  • Number of the product’s design

Your order confirmation and a response should arrive within one business day.