Electric SUV – Quick Look at New Toyota Development

The all-new Toyota bZ4 electric SUV is now under production. The recent unveilings by Toyota have allowed us to take a closer look at the car. In fact, you can now order this vehicle in a select few countries, with Toyota aiming to take the sales world-wide this year.

The Toyota bZ4X is a crossover electric SUV in the compact class. It is loosely based on the current Toyota RAV4, a car that’s one of the Japanese carmaker’s best-sellers today. The bZ4X is a prime example of what the Toyota CUV of the future looks like. So, the following is a brief Toyota bZ4X review.

The bZ4X Toyota

The bZX4 Toyota was revealed not too long ago along with a whole fleet of Toyota EVs. It is a part of Toyota’s bZ or Beyond Zero Series. This is Toyota’s effort to make greener and cleaner electric vehicles for the masses. Toyota aims to bring to us more than a dozen EV models within the next 3 years.


We first begin with the battery pack in the car. The Toyota bZ4X offers you two options here. The basic pack works at around 71.4kWh and it is what you get when you have the front-wheel drive bZ4X. The power output doesn’t give you much to flaunt, at just 201 horsepower. The 0-62mph time is around 8s.

Then there’s the bZ4X all-wheel drive version, which gives you a slightly larger battery pack. This is rated at around 72.8kWh and yes, it is only slightly more powerful at just 14 more hp. Both the powertrain setups come with an eAxle transmission. What is it? It’s the simplest solution for an EV gearbox.


Now, all of that electric stuff sounds great but what is the bZ4X range then? Well, the figures for the Canadian version are out. According to them, the regular front-wheel drive model will do around 252 miles. Meanwhile, the all-wheel drive version will do around 230 miles.

These numbers certainly aren’t the best in the industry. However, models in other regions such as Japan can give you around a hundred more miles of range. Regardless of the difference, these vehicles do carry a lot of cool quirks and Toyota’s best quality: reliability and the easy availability of genuine parts.

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Interior and Tech

The bZ4X has gotten a lot of slack for two main things; its difficult name, and its interior. Reviewers say that the cabin has been weirdly designed. There is a lot of tacky stuff. Take the nightmarish gear shifter for example; it is just a knob that you’ll have to press and then turn just to put the car in gear.

Many say that the components look and feel out of place; that they’ve just been randomly glued onto the dashboard area. While others complain about the piano black surfaces due to them being susceptible to smudges. Either way, Toyota hasn’t received a positive response to their futuristic interior design.

Still, the tech is pretty decent, like the 12.3-inch infotainment system. It controls quite a bit of the car’s functions and yes, it connects to your phones for multimedia usage as well. Other tech on the car includes wireless charging and a 9-speaker JBL sound system.

You’ll find the Multi-Information Display right in front of you above the steering for your bZ4X’s details. The car utilizes X-Mode, the new Toyota technology that improves performance on different terrains. Also, models in areas with snow/freezing cold climate get extra stuff such as a heat pump.


Toyota is well-known for being a safety leader in the car world. on this vehicle, you’ll get tech such as pedestrian/cyclist detection and lane departure alerts, among other things.


The bZ4X price starts from around $42-45,000. At this budget, it is friendly to the average consumer. We are still waiting for Toyota to enlighten us with the details of the warranty. It is expected to be a good one though simply because of the company’s claims of how long the battery will last.

Verdict – Toyota bZ4X

The Toyota bZ4X is a fine car with a couple of flaws. It is a great way for Toyota to start expanding its EV lineup across the world. The bZ4X is a good start despite many calling for Toyota to make more plug-in hybrids instead.