Can I study degree without Functional Skills Maths?

When it comes to degree-level education, most universities tend to focus on the grades of the A-levels. However, there are some GCSE subjects that are equally important as well, such as GSCSE Mathematics and GSCSE English. Without these GCSE subjects, it can be difficult to even apply for many degree programs. The question is do you need Functional Skills Maths level 2 to get a degree?

When choosing the GCSE subjects, the prospects of higher education and future career options aren’t on the mind of many students. That’s why it can be a cause of panic for many students who apply for a university-level program only to find that the choices they make for a subject selection of GCSE are going to decide what they can do and what they can’t!

However, even if you didn’t take the GCSE Mathematics or English, there is some good news for you, and that is the Functional Skills!

 Functional Skills – An Introduction

Functional Skills were rolled out in 2010, which allows one to get the required skills needed for Maths, ICT, and English. In terms of qualifications, the functional skills are equivalent to the GCSE, which means that you can obtain the functional skills if you haven’t completed the relevant GCSE subjects.

Functional skills qualifications are completed in two levels: Level 1 and Level 2. So in the case of Functional Skills Maths, the levels would be Functional Skills Maths Level 1 and the Functional Skills Maths Level 2.

More and more universities have started to accept Functional Skills as an equivalent for the GCSE qualifications, and this includes the Maths and English subjects as well.

But what would happen if someone doesn’t have the GCSE Maths qualification and no Functional Skills Maths as well? Well, that’s where things can get tricky!

 Can I study degree without Functional Skills Maths?

Unfortunately, it would be very difficult for someone to study degree without the GCSE Maths or the Functional Skills maths. In fact, even art degrees require one to pass the GCSE Maths or equivalent functional skills qualification.

This also leads many candidates to wonder what mathematics has to do with an art degree. Whether you believe it or not, most of the university-level work or A-levels do involve maths! Even if we talk about real-life, you would have to deal with mathematics numerous times in your life, such as calculating profit, finding the area of land, and so on.

To put it short, Maths is very important for studying degree and even in real life!

Verdict: No, you cannot study degree without functional skills in maths or GCSE Maths. Although some universities may accept you without these subjects, such instances are very rare!

 Solution: Retake GCSE Maths or Functional Skills Maths

So what’s the solution? In my personal option, you should opt for retaking the GCSE Maths as it will open many doors for you in terms of studying further. In fact, you can even opt for the home study if you choose an appropriate online college or study program. And if that’s not an option, then you will need to take the Functional Skills Maths course, which is considered to be an equivalent of the GCSE Maths!