Shared Solar Leads Makes the World Go Round

If you are looking to expand your audience, then you need to be going after those who are interested – which is easier said than done. Of course, there are a lot of ways you can go about that, one of them being through the purchase of leads. There is no better way to find people who would be interested in your business than to reach out to people specifically looking for what you are selling. It is a more cost-effective way of marketing, but it does not come without its disadvantages – like all things, there are flaws.

The way this information is purchased can come in a few different formats, and when it comes to shared solar leads, you might come across a number of them. The leads you buy might be a list of contact information to individuals who have shown interest in solar previously. Then, there are generated leads which are produced by lead generation companies for the purpose of selling. It is more expensive, but it could be more valuable to you.

Shared leads

When you are new to buying leads for your home solar business, shared leads are something that you will be interested in looking into. There are both reasons for and against buying shared leads, and you should investigate them before you start investing.

A shared lead is like any other, however, they are not exclusive to you. When you buy the lead, you are not buying it to withhold that information from other businesses. In fact, that information will remain open for purchase to any other of your competitors.

The problem with the lead being available to other purchases is that it can make it difficult to close a deal with the customer. There is a chance that more than one sales agent has reached out to them about investing in solar, and that can be quite irritating and confusing. No one likes the idea of their information being spread around, so you run the risk of a disgruntled customer.

The benefits of shared solar leads

Despite the competition, shared solar leads can be beneficial to your business. There is no guarantee that you are going to have to compete with other businesses sales leads, and you are going to be paying a different price than you would with exclusive leads.

Shared leads are often much cheaper for that reason, as they aim to be sold more than once. That frees you up to buy more leads, which could potentially lead to more closed deals.

Shared solar leads may also be much higher in number, which means you can get more customer details than you would exclusive solar leads.

Just be mindful that when you are dealing with your shared leads that they may not be receptive to your services. If their information has been purchased by a number of other competitors, then they may be growing tired of hearing about solar opportunities, which could cause them to act frustrated towards your sales representatives.