Best Meeting Transcription Software

Online video conferencing tools like Zoom have become the new normal for many businesses in various industries. No matter what your business or project is, there’s a chance that you have held an online meeting several times over the Zoom app.

It is not surprising anymore to have a conference call with your partners who are outside of the country. Sometimes, it can involve a large group of parties in one meeting session. Therefore, one will need to keep track of what happens in the meetings. There are a lot of things going on in the meeting. But there are also a lot of points at risk of being missed. The real challenge for most of us is to keep track of the meetings.

Gone are the days when people struggled to keep up with manual note-taking. There are conference call transcription tools that you can find on the internet. These apps come with AI and NLP to automate the recording and meeting transcription of the meeting in order to keep track of the meeting’s progress. They can transcribe the Zoom meeting automatically. In fact, you won’t need to outsource human transcribers anymore.

But what is the best platform or productivity tool to consider?

We have come across dozens of note-taking apps on the net. But there is nothing like Notiv .

Notiv has been slated as the number one note-taking software.

Note-taking software from Notiv

The Notiv app is a productivity tool that is backed by AI technology and NLP that allows users to automatically transcribe and record the online meetings that they do in common conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and so on. Notiv is a collaborative meeting app that can help you improve the collaboration between you and your team.

The Notiv Note Taker comes with abundant features and capabilities that you can rely on when striving for an automatic transcription service.

With Notiv, you can obtain the transcripts of your Zoom meetings without lifting a finger. The Notiv will also come with action items, highlighted points, and a summary that it fetched from the transcription.

Keep in mind that the transcription is done in real time. So, from the start of the meeting, Notiv will automatically record and transcribe the meeting for you. It is a collaborative app that also has a virtual assistant-like feature. Once you cite the meeting in your Google Calendar, Notiv will record it. Then it will have a daily digest, invitations, and reminders that are sent to the team members. In that case, you won’t need to invite your teammates manually anymore.

Notiv can automatically record and sync with calendar apps like Google Calendar or Office Calendar and join the meeting at the designated time. It will automatically record the meetings from the start of them.

The transcription is done automatically in real time. In turn, you can revisit the meeting points without having to jot down the messages by yourself anymore.

Notiv’s AI-backed technology will create the actions and tasks automatically for all of the participants with the speaker ID. So, you won’t expect the raw materials that you will need to dissect over and over again. Instead, you can always keep everything on track.

Notiv will attend the meetings and do the tasks in the background.

Before entering the meeting, the preparation can be challenging. But rushing to gather all of these ideas will just hinder the best results of the meeting. Notiv appears to assist you with meeting preparation.

As mentioned, it can sync with your calendar. Therefore, you can ensure that all team members are ready to participate in the meeting even before it begins. It will remind all of the participants about the meeting dates and time. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when you need to remind your meeting participants to attend the meeting. Notiv Note Taker will do the hard job for you.

During the meeting, it is great to know that Notiv can support it from the beginning to the end. Manual note-taking can make your focus shift. With the companionship of Notiv, you will not need to worry. When the meeting takes place, Notiv ensures that you have the insights and context you need.

You no longer need your pen and paper and can trust the Notiv app instead. Let it record and transcribe your meeting with great accuracy and interoperability. It will highlight the crucial moments in the meeting, such as insights, decisions, action items, and so on.

Advantages of Using Notiv Note-Taking Software

So, what are the real benefits of using Notiv? What is its relevance to your work?

Here are the benefits of using Notiv note-taking software to support your meeting transcription.

In a flash, you’ll have access to critical information.

The problem with manual note-taking is that you will have to go from one page to another manually. It will take a lot of time and effort for you to get the results you want.

Meetings with colleagues, team members, and clients can become routine.The average duration of a meeting is between 30 and 60 minutes, or even more, depending on the discussion weights and other factors. Listening to the recordings will take up most of your time.

But having the transcripts from Notiv will help you a lot in finding the particular points of the conversation that you need to revisit or review. You can search for it by the keyword or speaker detection feature in Notiv.

Uploading your transcripts to your company website

One of the hottest strategies to improve SEO is uploading your transcripts to your company’s website. This content will keep your website visitors for a longer time and give you the opportunity to engage with more customers. Plus, your audience will be more familiar with your company.

Staying on track

It is important to keep your teammates and yourself on the right track. Your project can be challenged when there is a problem with the meeting transcription. That would be the last thing you would want to encounter from it.

Transparency of information

Brand transparancy is one of the consumer base’s concerns. If you have shared call transcripts, you can email them to the clients, other employees, and stakeholders, as well as board members. It will eventually improve your business image. People appreciate companies that are transparent about their information.