Common Defense Strategies To Utilize Against The Domestic Violence Charges

Every year, we see an upsurge in domestic violence instances. More than 20,000 people have been victims of similar atrocities in the United States of America, and the number does not appear to be decreasing anytime soon.

People are unaware of the ramifications of abusing someone in a domestic violence situation. We must begin engaging people and informing them of the risks other people can face.

It can land them in jail, ruin their career, and cause them to lose their job. These are just a handful of the possibilities; what more society will force them to face are horrifying.

If you need Pennsylvania protection from abuse defense lawyer, then there are some defenses that you should be aware of.

Prominent Defenses Against Domestic Abuse

In this section, we’ll go through some of the most frequent defenses to domestic violence accusations.

  1. Proving Your Innocence

Proving your innocence is one of the simplest ways to clear your name of domestic violence charges. Provide some proof that can be deemed strong evidence that you were not present when the incident occurred.

Having a witness who saw you leave or was with you at the time of the occurrence can help your defense.

  • Acting in Self-Defense

Proving that you acted in self-defense is one approach to show you didn’t intend to commit domestic violence. However, there are various ramifications to this statement. Your relationship may be called into question by the court.

You have no choice but to ask your lawyer to adapt this in front of the court if you have no responses to your defense, and this is all that is left with the truth. Also, be prepared for your prosecutor’s counter-arguments and interrogation.

  • Lack of Evidence

According to the law, if someone accuses you of domestic abuse, it is up to them to offer relevant evidence. However, if there is a lack of proof, your lawyer can use this argument to turn the case in your favor and ask the judge to dismiss the case.

The majority of domestic cases take place at home. Yet, if the prosecution has presented evidence in your case, it is up to you to show that the evidence is insufficient or fraudulent.

  • Injuries Cause By Accident

In rare situations, the prosecution will claim that the earlier injury on the accuser occurred during a domestic conflict. Here, you must provide compelling proof to convince the court of law that the injury results from a previous accident.

You might ask for a medical report to find out when the damage occurred. This way, the fact that the damage occurred before the alleged domestic abuse date may flip the case in your basket.

  • 5.     Acting In Response to Victim’s Aggressive Behaviour

This method can be used to demonstrate that you did what you did in response to the victim’s violent behavior. And you had to take that step to keep the victim from injuring themselves or anyone else who was present.