Prepaid Recharge Platform to enable recharge of any prepaid services

Besides traditional features, Estel’s platform also enables customers to recharge via the cloud. Customers can charge their accounts in minutes rather than hours.

Rapidly growing prepaid businesses worldwide leave providers scrambling to find the right set of robust and feature-rich systems that they need. With Estel, you can access their diverse recharge network and not be pigeon-holed into a single service.

Estel’s prepaid recharge platform allows customers to recharge any other prepaid service. This ensures customers can “top-up” their account online in seconds. Solutions are already proven around the world that are designed for easy use with mobile devices, which account for six out of ten points of sale worldwide.

Estel’s e-voucher prepaid recharge platform enables recharge of any prepaid service, including prepaid electricity. Estel has a solution that topples traditional card-based top-ups and e-recharges to offer increased pliability to Mobile Networks, ISPs, Calling Cards, prepaid TV, prepaid electricity, and toll service providers.

AI now helps those in need of prepaid services find out more about their options. Estel’s Prepaid Recharge Platform provides an AI that easily allows for recharging any prepaid service- including prepayments for electricity–online or through APIs for retailers and distributors.

Prepaid e-Recharge system Estel allows you to recharge services including Prepaid Electricity recharge.

Prepaid Electricity Recharge

Converting your prepaid electricity account into an online PIN-less top-up service

Estel’s new recharge platform enables free instant prepaid electricity

We believe that no company should miss the opportunity to offer the services our platform offers.

Estel: A new and improved way of handling prepaid recharges

Now you can use Estel’s prepaid recharge platform to replace traditional methods of recharge. This will reduce costs and increase the quality of service, resulting in better ROI for your company.

The ability to recharge any prepaid service has opened up the market to previously inaccessible locations. Estel’s platform uses mobile devices to distribute prepaid services.

With our responsive prepaid recharge platform, you can configure and launch new service packages for

The Estel Prepaid Recharge Platform enables prepaid customers to recharge their phone or other services through their website or app.