Square Shape or Circle Shape- Which Cake Type Is Better?

Which cake shape is better? Square shape or circle? This is probably the most debated question of all times. However, the answer to it is simple. To start with both the cake shapes are fine and selectable according to what we love. Both the cake shapes though give plenty of area for designing and decorations which makes them preferable.

Most prominently, square, circle rectangle, heart are a few common shapes that we can look forward. If you are confused between selecting which cake shape is the best then this article can be of help. Find out all that you need to know about both the cake shapes and make your fit choice.

How Do I Choose Between Square or Other Shapes?

The season of wedding and birthday cakes today is all about towered square cakes. Hands down they make gigantic cake towers which looks great and serves a lot many people. People choose square or circular shapes cakes depending on various factors. Some of them have to do with the tower size, frosting designs, decorations, patterns and much more.

Many times, it depends on how many people are in share. Whether for a birthday part or a wedding celebration. An opening, anniversary, or just mood to have some. Cakes are a part of all our celebrations. Square shape cakes are great of enlarged and theme designs. For ex. If you want a large picture of your best friend and you on it, then a square shape shall fit the best. Monograms fit square shape cakes the best too.

However, if you are looking forward to colorful, circular designs then of course a circle is what defines the beauty.  It is true, though, making square cakes are a little more tedious to make. Circular cakes however can be made easily using tools and equipment.

How To Choose a Cake Type?

There are many factors that contribute to this decision. We have mentioned them above, however lets get to know them better in this section.

Number of people to serve:

A square cake will serve more people then just a regular circle shape. They are therefore bit more expensive than the latter. One can create a tower of square shaped cakes and of circle shaped cakes. Both look the best and add to the celebrations.

Cake designs:

A beautiful, soft and floral look will suit more a circular shape since it makes it look structured.  Modern designs with short messages look the best on square shape cakes.

Modern vs traditional

In the conversation between modern designs vs traditional designs, square shapes win the modern designs.  Circular designs, though give some space to modern decorations, its limited.


Square shape or circle? Confused between the choice of premium cake shapes? Well do not be worried. In this comprehensive guide on cake shapes find where you stand in the choice. Whatever the shape, the essence of tasty cakes remains the same and the best part; lots of flavors to choose from feelhappyhours.com Choose the shape you love and enjoy!