Space Perspective is Taking Couples to Space to Get Married in 2024

COVID has changed so many things: our shopping behavior, the way we work and study, get healthcare and so much more. I know so many cord-cutters who went back to subscribing to and other cable services during quarantine. Another major trend the pandemic introduced was quarantine weddings. Couples looking forward to getting married are looking for something unique. If that’s you, we have got major news for you.

Did you know, by 2024, you can get married in space! A Florida-based company called Space Perspective is making it happen. The company is planning to start a passenger service into the space. It’s not going to happen via rocket launching. Instead, they will be using space balloons for carrying passenger capsules 19 miles above the earth interesting, right!

How Much Does It Cost?

The very first flight for this trip is set for 2024. Many customers have booked flights for weddings and other special events already. Each flight will take up to 8 hours to complete and the customers will be able to stay in the space for 6 hours. In the capsule, there will be onboard Wi-Fi, a bar, and a bathroom. Since you would be getting married in space, it won’t be a budget wedding. The tickets cost $125k and the flights are selling currently. If you are looking for some insane views of the earth, this is one of the best gifts you will ever receive.

Flights started selling by the end of June. You can book the capsules for not just your wedding but group events too. You can also celebrate your birthday up in the space or simply arrange a corporate event up in the heights. The feast to your eyes will be the 360-degree views of the earth.

The Brains Behind Space Perspective

The company tested its vehicle called Neptune One by launching it from the Space Coast Spaceport, right next to the Kennedy space center and it was a success. The brains behind the company are a team of husband and wife: Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter. According to the couple, launching into space by space balloons instead of a rocket make it a zero-emission ride. The passengers will experience the thrill of the space yet feel comfortable. It takes 2 hours to get to an altitude of 30km so things are going to be insane!

During the journey, passengers will be able to see up to 450 miles in any direction they like. They will be able to have a view of Florida and even the Bahamas. When they reach peak altitude, they will see the blackness of the space and the curvature of the earth. It is the thin blue line astronauts talk about all the time.

In case you are thinking of booking flights, you would be bummed to learn that the flights are sold out. However, you can book seats for 2025 from their website. 

What Can the Travelers Expect?

The flight in the capsule is like a flight in an airplane but better. All travelers will be served breakfast. They can also order drinks if they like. You won’t be experiencing those exclusive views while standing, the capsule features plush reclining seats for your comfort. There will be non-glare windows to provide you with the opportunity to take photos from inside the capsule too.  That means you will be able to capture some Instagram-worthy views!

You would also be able to see other balloons from 20 to 30 miles away in the space. People on the ground would be able to view the balloons too. When it is time to return to the ground, the balloon will start deflating and the capsule will splash down into a huge body of water.

Is the Price Going To Come Down?

The founders of the company say that they want everyone to experience going into space. $125k isn’t affordable for everyone, right? The price, however, is cheaper than taking a virgin flight or going to space through any other company. Poynter says they want to take thousands and then millions of people to space. They want to make going to space as accessible as going to Europe. Who knows the price comes down in the future!

Space Perspective doesn’t see SpaceX or Blue Origin as its competitors because they are offering a completely different experience and I couldn’t agree more. They, however, regulating the space balloons the same way SpaceX is regulating. Currently, the company is working on acquiring its launch license from the FAA.