EK currently Provides Their Classic Option In their Line Of Products

EK has recently announced the new Classic Option in their product would represent an expansion and be available globally. The packaging is similar to the product with its simple and streamlined design which makes the Classic Product Line a significant option for liquid cooling. This product is also available globally.

Increase Engine Performance

Currently, the portfolio has every important aspect required by a user to finalize a liquid cooling cycle. The current combination unit, GPU block, and CPU block are combined with the Classic Line of fittings, radiators, and a GPU block equipped for the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card.

The Classic Product Line is introducing the amazing innovation from EK that guarantees top quality and performance liquid cooling products at a very cheap price. This product can be purchased at ¾ the price of a prominent Ek Quantum series product and is available,  to more liquid cooling fans who hunger for effective cooling using EK’s top quality and amazing customer support. EK’s Classic product line offers efficient performance, value, minimalistic appearance which makes it the best choice for customers who wants to enjoy top-notch liquid cooling. The performance of the product is not affected by the design and production of the portfolio. So, if you require cooling performance or more interested in a timeless and minimalistic design, these requirements are met by the EK’s Classic Product Line.

The global launch and expansion of the Classic Product Line mean that quality liquid cooling parts, assured with EK’s quality, customer support, and performance will currently be available to everyone in the world.

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