Bargain Mansions’ Shows How you can Glam Up your Home Without Spending a Lot of Money

Tamara Day from “Bargain Mansions” experiments with the mid-century modern decor. However can she end up making this run-down house appear nice?

“Bargain Mansions” has returned! After a brief pause in the midst of Season 3 in June (could it have been COVID-19-related? ), popular HGTV series has resumed, featuring  home designer from Kansas City, Tamara Day is completing yet again another cost-effective renovation.

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In this segment “Soffit Saga,” Tamara Day purchases a $350,000, 1979 home in Mission, Kansas. This house has a lot of mid-century modern flair, but it’s concealed beneath years of unattractive modifications. Tamara  allocates $120,000 to undo the previous owners’ ill-advised modifications and restore the home to its former grandeur.

Continue reading to see how Day transforms an outmoded property into a stunning middle of the century modern house—as well as some clever changes you might be tempted to do.

Extend the exterior with wood panelling

This place was constructed in 70s, yet it appears to be a mashup of many eras.

When Tamara  purchased this property, this one had a yellow facade, greenish trim, and unsightly French panels across one wall. Day despises it.

“I have a concept of cedar treatments for various rooms,” Days explains, “offering it the impression of architectural aspects that they had been intending to do about the French paneling but missed.”

The wooden paneling really helps this home stand out.

Tamara repaints the front entrance and garage in a clean, bright white with sophisticated black accents. She subsequently adds a touch of mid-century modernism by fitting cedar planking.

Finally, the wood paneling looks fantastic. They match the black & white paint and add much-needed depth to the outside.

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New pavers can improve curb appeal

The stone walkway clashed with the modern exterior of the house.

Although Day is capable of doing miracles on the home’s façade, there is one major issue with its front yard: the antiquated walkway.

“This entire walkway definitely has to go,” says Day says while she surveys the stone path. “This is just so old. It doesn’t go with the rest of the house.”

This house was in desperate need of a modernized walkway.

Whilst Day strives to include several classic features in the mid-century modern style, she understands that it is also necessary to go with something new.

Day upgrades the walkway using elegant grey pavers with pathway lights for further convenience. The fresh pavers are a significant improvement over the ancient stone walkway, plus it also gives the place a more modern appearance.

Instead of replacing the complete fireplace, replace just the  mantel

Although the stone fireplace is attractive, the mantel does not complement the design.

Day’s remodeling to-do list includes removing the soffit that hangs out from its ceiling in between foyer &  living room. The soffit not only closes off the area, but also it obscures views of the stunning 22 ft tall fireplace.

But, even when the soffit is removed as well as the design is modified, the fireplace still has a flaw: the outdated mantel.

Whilst Day wishes to retain the original masonry, she chooses to replace the white mantel with something more simple.

“This really is a super traditional fireplace,” Day adds, pointing towards the stone, “and it has a mid-century aspect to it.” She plans to modernize the old mantel with something  simpler, yet modern.

This fireplace appears very midcentury modern with just a simple mantel.

Her team takes down the mantel, but is startled to find another mantel underneath.

This concealed mantel appears simple as well as rustic, really what Day was looking for,  to go above the fireplace. Obviously, she is ecstatic about the coincidence. She has it coated it with black paint. 

The fireplace will look fantastic after the living room is completed. The sleek black mantel adds a modern, sleek aspect to the space, but the classic, ancient stone keeps the room’s midcentury appeal.

Accent tile creates a unique statement wall

Something unique was required for such dining space.

Accent walls are becoming a design requirement in recent times. Designers adore using a splash of paint or even a sweep of wallpaper on only one wall. Tamara  is no exception. However, in this remodeling, she adds a fun feature wall made of an unusual material: tile, to her dining room.

She lays black & white tiles, ground-to-ceiling, then adds a splash of glitz with dazzling gold grout. Day completes the appearance with built-in ebony black shelves coated in brass.

This apartment looks far more mid-century “ modern ” with a dramatic tiled accent wall.

Black & white tiles with gold grouting is a striking and elegant choice.

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A bare staircase is given visual appeal by wallpaper & shiplap

The mirrored wall seemed totally out of date.

Day understands the distinction between outdated features and elegant throwback designs. Take for  example, whereas the mirrored walls upon that stairwell does have a mid-century vibe, she understands it won’t work in this modern building.

She removes the mirror, then substitutes this with black & white mid-century influenced wallpaper. She then inserts vertical shiplap along with some gray-wash finish to the stairway for added elegance.

Days explains, “The mid-century modern design uses a combination of various materials and sharp lines, and that the vertical wood treatment that’s put up on the stairway would not only complement the 22 ft ceiling, but this will also provide a distinct texture element to a room.”

Finally, the staircase appears  beautiful. The paneling & wallpaper are quite a significant improvement over the mirror wall, and really make the area complement the home’s mid-century modern design.

What do you think of Tamara Day’s latest ‘bargain mansion’?

Day had paid only $350,000 for this house and also had earmarked $120,000 for remodeling. And, as it turned out, she is able to keep within her budget, resulting in a total investment of $470,000.

She intends to list the house for $650,000 after the remodeling is completed. Whilst the show closes before we find out if she managed to sell the place,  if she receives the offer price she made, she will make $180,000 profit.   

Any price close to it, in our opinion, would be a fantastic effort!