Advantages of QuickBooks Pro For Businesses

QuickBooks Pro has been one of the most preferred account applications for many businesses. It facilitates many functionalities such as tracking employee payroll, inventory management tools, and many other financial tools to manage everyday business processes which increases the overall productivity of the business.

QuickBooks Pro Hostingis the cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks Pro which gives the business power of the cloud along with security, support, and maintenance. With this, all the data of the business related to QuickBooks is stored on the cloud servers which ensure no data loss and provides the accessibility to access it from anywhere. Below are some advantages of QuickBooks Pro that can help businesses.

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Keep Track Of Expenses

Every business needs to keep a track of their expenses which need to be billed later to the clients. Even the smallest transaction plays a vital role as it can result in the business books not matching with the actual entries. With QuickBooks Pro, every expense transaction such as purchases, mileage, international travel, third-party orders can be easily recorded and tracked. They can also input each expense according to the consumer or the job and get the benefit of not manually reconcile the expenses. This lets the business not miss out on any expenses and can accordingly bill the consumers for the right amount.

User friendly 

Intuit has developed QuickBooks to be very useful and at the same time be user-friendly. The application is developed in such a way that navigation and accessing the tools is simple and there is not a huge learning curve to understand the overall interface. Once the application is installed, the users are given a virtual presentation on how to use the app. Even if the users are new to accounting or computer accounting, they won’t take much time to understand as the application has a centralized dashboard that integrates almost every feature of the application. Users can also access QuickBooks pro remotely if it is installed on a Cloud Hosted Desktop.

Simplified Money Management

With a lot of integrated tools and features, money management becomes easier for businesses. Users can log the due dates and the payment details of all the transactions and bills that are recurring in nature. Businesses can directly print out a check if there is a bill due. The application records all the transactions in the business and also provides an option to link the business bank accounts for a unified experience. As businesses can access all their transactions on the central dashboard, they can easily avoid the use of printed bank statements, making the business environment paperless.

Easy reporting

Users can easily create a wide range of financial reports such as income reports, year-to-year income reports, expense reports, profit & loss reports, and much more. With great integrations between applications, they can even export the report in Microsoft Excel or share it forward with the business partners. Reporting has never got easier, with some versions businesses can also track the inventory and generate the inventory reports.

As you see, these were some of the advantages that businesses get when using QuickBooks Pro as their accounting software. Apps4Rent provides migration services such as GoDaddy Office 365 Emailwith secured end-user experience and professional support.