How to Cook Outdoors?

Cooking outdoors is an adventurous trail during a trip or camping. Cooking and eating in the wild and outdoor is an experience of a lifetime. Cooking outdoor is different and difficult from indoor cooking. Outdoor cooking requires you to assemble a stove or a cooking place. Moreover, outdoor cooking is often necessary when on a hunting tour or family camping tour.

There exist several methods for outdoor cooking. Adventure-centric minds find these methods very attractive. Usually, an outdoor cooking stove is a self-help activity. A person first makes a cooking place according to any method.  After this, fire is set up in one of many ways to prepare for outdoor cooking.

The methods for outdoor cooking are not just old school and conventional, but nowadays, many unconventional and modern methods have taken over this industry. Below discussed methods are not only easy to implement but also favorable for outdoor cooking.

Make no mistake that you can’t go everywhere without the skill of outdoor cooking. Food is the basic necessity, and if you are on a trip to the woods with no means nearby, all you have to rely on is the outdoor cooking skills. You will also need guns and other equipment to protect yourself when you go outdoors.

Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a pot made of cast iron in a uniquely made shape which provides it heat from all sides equally. This property makes the Dutch oven very suitable for outdoor cooking. It has a semi-circular handle/holding rod attached across it.

Hunters especially keep the Dutch oven in their backpacks. Campers can’t go out without making sure the presence of Dutch oven. A Dutch oven is held with a wooden shaft and is kept above ground. The ground is then used to place fire using wood or coal. In this way, the Dutch oven cooks the food at its full zeal.

Rocket Stove

rocket stove is a vertical cylindrical stove. The rocket stove has a combustion chamber in it at the bottom. It typically has a tripod stand at the bottom. A rocket stove is one of the latest products to have in your trip luggage. The fire in the combustion chamber is created by using woods or fuel. The fuel efficiency of a modern rocket stove is much better than the conventional stove.

Rocket stove name comes from its shape. The part above the combustion chamber is a vertical cylinder on top of which the food is prepared. Due to this vertical cylinder, it has been given the name of the rocket stove.

It is easily portable; therefore, it is a preferable choice to take along for cooking outdoors.  The rocket stove fuel consumption also makes it favorable. The gas emission is also controlled in its vertical chamber, which adds up to the environmental conservation.

Fire Pit

A modern fire pit is also among the best forms to cook outdoors. All you need is stones, a shovel, woods, or straw. This is the type of outdoor cooking that you can arrange for any trip or adventure. It is not easy to go, but it is even kept lit at night to lighten up the camp area.

The idea of a fire pit goes way back to the people who lived in the forest. They would dig a pit and make a fire with wood or straw. Food is cooked by suspending it in cooking ware on top of that pit.

Swedish Fire Torch

Swedish fire torch is the extremely best method for cooking outdoors. Rural Swedish practiced this type of cooking method. That’s why it is called “Swedish Fire Torch.” It distributes the heating impact in a uniform manner and at high intensity. While traveling, it is considered more favorable to have food ready in a short time. Well, the Swedish fire torch will do it for you.

To make a Swedish fire pit for outdoor cooking, all you need is a fine piece of wood log. Cut the wooden open into four equal quarters but make sure it remains uncut from the bottom to stand together. There is a void between all quarters from the top of the log to the near bottom. Fill small wooden pieces, straws, leaves, and pieces of coal in these voids.

Now lit up the voids area, and your outdoor cooking stove is ready. Swedish fire torch takes some time to arrange for as compared to other methods.

Hunter’s Fire

If you are on a hunting expedition, nothing could be easier than using a hunter’s fire to cook outdoors. Hunters have devised this methodology for cooking outdoors, so it has been named “Hunter’s Fire”. It has been a practice since the 7th century.

It is as simple as it looks. Just put two rocks/stones apart and put some straw or wood between them. Lit it up and put the cooking ware on top of those two stones. Your stove is ready to cook some hunting flesh for you.

Hunter’s fire is easy to make and easy to extinguish. It is used where a long stay is usually is not required. Hunters do not stay at one point in the forest, so this is the main reason they adopted a quicker way to make some cooking outdoors arrangements for them.

Coal Pit

Another fast and steady method for cooking outdoors is the coal pit. It is somewhat similar to a fire pit but not that much. It is a fast cooking method than the fire pit. The food cooked in coal fit is cooked under pressure. This methodology is famous in Arabian culture, where they have to cook food like a complete lamb on a stove underground. In Arabian countries, it is also called “Underground Stove”.

First of all, a pit is dug in the ground. After this, coal is placed on the bottom surface of the pit. The cooking ware is hung suspended between the pit, or the food is stacked on a rod fitted across the pit. When this all arrangement is complete, the last but not the least step is followed, which is placing a lid over the pit. This lid on top of the pit affects the pressure, thus cooking the food at a quicker rate.