What a salesman could do with an automated webinar?

Prior to the pandemic, the idea of automated webinars was uncommon. However, the people are forced to stay at home due to the situation. Therefore, as we can’t ignore our jobs and very important works we got to know the idea eventually. The automated webinars are usually operated automatically at scheduled times. Even without intervention, they can be planned beforehand by the webinar host. It may be done at the beginning or at the end of the webinar.

Automated webinars are completely automated and without the need for hosting they mimic live events. We can do this by automating the beginning and end times of webinars. Also, we can do automating the time when videos play during the webinars.

Now the question is what a salesman could do with it?

The answer is a live-streamed webinar could be presented live and then recorded using automated webinar services. It means the pre recorded webinar can be used several times. Moreover, it means you can make series of webinars from one webinar.

On other hand, the webinar is actually a webcast that is included in our automated software for webinars. It is presented to the audience as if it is a live event. Though it is recorded prior to the event i.e. it is a pre-recorded webinar.

Only you need to log in to the software for the webinar. Once you logged in then you can set up a webinar and present the live stream to participants. Also, it will happen on the time and date selected by you. In this way, you can promote your webinar to your attendees. Moreover, you can send them an exclusive URL to your registration pages that they can register for the webinar. Then in the weeks and days prior to an event, you can remind your attendees to attend the webinar. Even to remind them you can email an array of emails to them. Then when it’s time to start your live broadcast, you need to take the stage and present. Finally, as you are entertaining the viewers with your incredible presentation, the webcast will also be recorded.

 Even after the event is over you can download the recording. Then you can forward the link to those who have signed up but might not have attended. In addition, you can even share it once more “live” with a completely new audience.

Pre-Recorded yet Live automated webinar:

Suppose you have recorded a webinar via YouTube or in different methods. It is possible to load the video into pre-recorded webinars as long as it’s in a common video format. Video formats like MP4 MOV, FLV or others. Then you can show the video to your audience with the same fervour as it was a live event. In other words, the process is very similar to live events.

Therefore, live webinars are believed to be the right option for salesman and any business. As per the clients, the results they experience are incredible. Also, after using it once definitely you will wonder about how to incorporate it into your sales funnel earlier.