Bloom to Bottle: How Perfume is Created from Flowers

Perfume is a beautiful way of self-expression and it can be a powerful tool used to convey our individuality. Historically, scent has been used as a form of seduction and it was even used to communicate with the gods through incense. It is a way to invoke emotion and raise memories, making it a product many don’t go a day without. The total sales value of fragrances in December 2020 in the UK was estimated at almost £1.6 billion, as cited by Statista. It is an industry that is rich in history with its origins dating back to Egyptian times. 

Origins of Perfume

Hieroglyphics on tombs show that Egyptians were making perfumes from as far back as 3,000 BC and Egyptian Priests would use scents to convey messages and prayers to the dead, to purify the body and to conduct embalming ceremonies. They also believed that burning scents like myrrh, juniper and wine pleased the gods. Aromas and spices were regularly imported and concoctions were created, which is shown through the recipes for ointments depicted by hieroglyphics carved in the Edfu temple. It wasn’t until the Greeks when fragrance was introduced using it on the skin as a daily practice and not just for religious reasons. They blended plants and herbs with aromatic oils to create the first kind of perfumes. Later on, the Romans advanced the use of fragrance by importing new aromas and spices and creating their own glass-blown bottles. The progression of perfume was seen throughout many different cultures, from the west to far east Asia with new scents being crafted. It became a symbol of wealth and luxury, separating the societal classes during the 14th century in Europe. Perfume still carries the same feeling of luxuriousness. There is an endless amount of fragrant combinations, many of which deriving from flowers.  

How Perfume is Created From Flowers

Spices, resins, leaves and of course, flowers, are vital in the process of creating perfume. Many luxury brands like Channel have their own flower fields where they grow blooms, especially for their fragrances. Other scents like musk are created synthetically to avoid harming animals where the scent derives from. The fragrance is extracted from the oils of flowers and plants in a process is called steam distillation. There are many variations to go about this process but ultimately it creates the oils which can then be blended with alcohol to form the perfume. The amount of alcohol that’s added determines whether the liquid will be a cologne, perfume, or eau de toilette. Lastly, the blend is left to age for several months or up to a  year which helps make the scent stronger and ready to be worn. 

Best Flowers for Perfume

Floral scents make up the basis for most perfumes and there are a few that are firm-favourites due to their highly potent scent. Jasmine is known as the king of perfumery and roses as the queen. It takes around 750 kg of jasmine flowers to obtain just 1 kg of absolute extract making it one of the most expensive raw materials in perfumery, meaning it is often replicated synthetically. Flowers like tuberose, ylang-ylang and narcissus are also popular within perfumery for their highly fragrant nature.

Bringing Scent into the Home

Floral scents don’t have to just be experienced on your skin, bringing fragrant blooms into your home means you can experience their sweet scents as soon as you walk into the room. Roses, lilies, lily of the valley, lilacs, lavender and peonies are beautifully fragrant blooms, all of which can be bought to display in your home and their gorgeous fragrance can be enjoyed. If you are looking to create a sweet-smelling home, you’ll want to view the gorgeous blooms available at Moyses Stevens. They are a luxury florist based in London that is about to celebrate a 150-year history. Moyses Stevens sources the finest-quality flowers and plants ready to be displayed lovingly in your home or to gift to a loved one. They sell stunning hand-tied bouquets online and in their stores, located in some of the most beautiful spots in the capital. 

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