3 Home Intrusion Prevention Tips

Home is the place where you get to relax and spend time with your family. You need to make sure that it’s safe for them, which means taking precautions against crime if they’re not home or when at places other than their homes. There are many tips out there on how best to protect your house from burglaries! Let’s look into some of the most popular methods used by homeowners across America today:

1) Upgrade Your Locks

 Locks are one of the last lines of defense against burglars, but which lock is best for you? To make sure your locks don’t become an easy target for thieves choose high-quality ones that will keep people out.

A sturdy deadbolt lock can make it nearly impossible for an intruder to break through a door. However, if there is a window near the doorframe they may try to break the window and turn the deadbolt from inside. A double-cylinder dead bolt requires both keys in order unlock making breaking into your home more difficult

2) Install Window Security Screens

 A security screen is one of the best physical barriers that you can use to protect your home. It not only prevents an intruder from reaching through a broken window, preventing them entry into your space, but they also complement any home or business’ style. Installing steel screens are incredibly durable at reasonable prices; it doesn’t take long for installation either! There’s several varieties available too, making sure any sized windows will be pretected from a would-be criminal.

Premier security screens Las Vegas provide much better protection than simply replacing old glass with new panes during repairs or remodeling. These screens are designed to protect your home or business from break-ins. Security Plus Las Vegas carries only the top quality Meshtech models, that have patented technology that make it nearly impossible for someone to push through them with brute force. Many Burglars will move on if they see this type of screen on a home simply because they know it would be too difficult or risky.

3) Install Security Door Screens

Windows aren’t the only element of your home that are susceptible to break-ins. Even a door secured with a deadbolt is at risk. A sturdy single hinge screen door made from stainless steel is the solution to preventing entry through a home’s primary doors. There are many different kinds of security locks on window and doors, but nothing can compare with this metal barrier.

These aren’t just any run-of-the mill fiberglass screen doors; these ones will protect your house from burglars because they’re durable and built specifically for protecting against break ins through windows or sliding glass doors. Since it’s possible to get one fitted in place so well there is no way someone could kick them out without breaking down either the front door itself or the surrounding wall around it if forced open with enough force by an intruder.

Combined Home Intrusion Prevention Efforts

 One of the best ways to secure your home is by using high-quality locks in addition to security screens placed on windows and doors. Add a few cameras outside for early prevention, and you’ll have transformed your abode into a fortress. This same tactic will work well at protecting places of business too!