Moyses Stevens Flower Delivery Service

In the world of luxury flowers, one name is ubiquitous – Moyses Stevens. A legend in the industry, Moyses have seen five Kings and Queens of England come and go since their founding in 1876, and have been trading in British-grown and exotic flowers for longer than most people can remember. The company was originally a small join venture, a collaboration between two idealistic florists who wanted to bring fresh flowers to the masses in London. Mr Moyses and Mrs Stevens are long gone, but their dedication to flowers lives on. And though many things have changed since 1876, the company ethos has remained the same. Moyses Stevens are still committed to bringing customers across the UK beautiful bouquets and houseplants delivered at home. Their commitment to style, luxury and irresistible design is as strong today as it was over 140 years ago.

The Moyses Stevens style is unmistakable and world-renowned. Moyses are even credited with bringing the classic ‘dome’ bouquet structure to the UK, via the fashionable salons of Paris. Whether the tale is completely true, we don’t know; however, what we do know is that over 140 years of floral style have culminated in a distinctive and delightfully artful aesthetic. The florists at Moyses Stevens pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of floral design, combining the best British cut flowers with new and exotic varieties from around the globe. So, whether creating signature Moyses designs for weddings, birthdays or summertime celebrations, the core design elements are always the same: elegance, ingenuity, opulence. These three words typify Moyses Stevens and everything they strive for in their bouquets.

Birthday Flowers

With such a long heritage, Moyses Stevens is a much a part of the fabric of London as black cabs or Big Ben. For generations they’ve provided gorgeous bouquets and irresistible flowers for Londoners across the capital, offering the finest British blooms for every occasion. Whether treating loved ones or celebrating a birthday, a Moyses bouquet is an event in itself. Full of passion, style and elegance, Moyses have created designs for both luxury hotels and the Royal Family, celebrating the honour of a Royal Warrant in early 2010. Since then, the company has moved to expand their operation and increase the availability of their products online, offering their irresistible brand of floristry to more customers than ever.

So, while more and more people are discovering Moyses, they’re also discovering the joy of home delivery. That’s because part of what makes Moyses so unique in the London flower trade is their bespoke delivery service. Bringing perfect floral designs to customers’ doors has been a regular feature at Moyses since the 90’s, with both the London area and UK postcodes covered. What’s more, the company is happy to offer Same Day Flower Delivery London throughout the week, ensuring customers can access flawless flowers whenever it is convenient. Having extended the service nationwide in the early noughties, Moyses have focused efforts on reliability and speed, today offering customers in far flung corners of the country a luxury flower service at the touch of a button. This 7 day nationwide delivery has meant Moyses is more accessible than ever, with luxury flowers delivered from Portsmouth to Penrith. It’s little wonder, then, Moyses have won plaudits for their reliable delivery and beautiful blooms, catapulting them to the pinnacle of the luxury flower trade and providing the company with a new lease of life for the 21st century.

Flowers And Champagne Delivered

As a luxury brand in partnership with Selfridges, Moyses Stevens are well placed to offer customers the best flowers from around the world. Whether showcasing strelizia fresh from South America or tulips harvested on the English Fens, Moyses Stevens make sure their customers have the finest varieties available throughout the year. So, whatever the celebration, whatever the style, Moyses offer unique floristry online and in-store. Visit one of their boutiques today or find out more information on their website. The world of flowers is there at your fingertips, all that’s left to do is reach out and grab it.