How To Check SBI Cheque Book Status Online?

Getting a new chequebook for the bank is the most important thing in the banking sector. If the cheque book you had earlier has filled up and you need new cheque leaves, you have to make a request. The bank will always provide you with a new checkbook after the request is made by you. But once you have made a request on the SBI bank for a new cheque book, it would be difficult to visit the bank again and again to get the update.

If a person wants to know the ordered cheque book’s status, they can also get it online. There are basic steps that a person has to follow to get the status of the new cheque book ordered.

Steps To Check Status Of Cheque Book Online For SBI Bank

  1. First of all, a person has to visit the official website of the SBI Bank.
  2. On the official page of the SBI Bank, you need to log in to the SBI net banking.
  3. Getting into the login process, a person would have to enter the username and password created.
  4. Then a person will have to enter the request and inquiries tab available on the official page.
  5. On the request and inquiries option clicked, you will be provided a page to search for the cheque book request option.
  6. Once you have clicked on the option of cheque book request, you have to click on the history tab to see the request and then click on the account number.
  7. On that page, you are provided the information related to the issue date of the new cheque book.

Details Provided On The Website

There are various details that you can get once you have been to the place. The official website of SBI Bank provides you all the desired information related to issuing a cheque book. Users can easily know the number of leaves that they would be assigned in the cheque book. If you can gather a proper date, that will be meaning that you will be provided the cheque book soon.

Once the date is displayed, it means that the particular Bank has dispatched the cheque book. After the dispatch, the cheque book is delivered to the person at the applied address within 4 to 7 working days. The delivery time directly depends upon the courier service and the address that you have mentioned.

Important Detail

If following the above steps does not provide you with the issue date, you will not face a major problem. This might be a problem due to the bank server, as you can directly contact the home branch. The user can inform the bank about the issue faced, and then you will be provided the desired solution. Once you have made a request, you should know that bank will surely dispatch the cheque book within 3 working days. Also, after dispatch, it will reach your place within 4 to 7 working days.