What Happens When We Die?

What happens after death is a question that many of us ponder. Some religions hold reincarnation as a basic premise within their belief system. It serves as a comfort to many in trying to understand the afterlife and see it as an experience to look forward to, a possibility that one may reconnect with loved ones in an afterlife. Many of us experience deja vu at some point or another. That strong feeling that a place you have never been or an experience you never remember having, seems so familiar. This has created a curiosity for some about the possibility of past lives and the afterlife. The concept of reincarnation is becoming more accepted into mainstream.


Buddhism and Hinduism beliefs center around reincarnation although there are differences in the particulars. Within Buddhism, the thinking is that what we do in this life affects what happens in the next life. The goal is to lead a good life leading to a more satisfying reincarnation. Basically, there’s an emphasis on karma.

Within Judaism, many believe in an afterlife and reincarnation although interpretation of that aspect of the faith is up for debate. One of the main principals of Islamic beliefs center around the afterlife and that the soul continues on after death. Although Christianity has a strong belief in the concept of heaven and hell within the afterlife, there are some passages in the bible that may suggest that we are given more than one life.  

Past life Regression

A regression exploring past life memories is achieved through hypnosis. Hypnotic trance is achieved by following the guidance/instructions of a past life regression practitioner. Eli Bliliuos, a Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression specialist says, “Regressions can be profound experiences that help clients better understand life patterns and the evolution of spirit”. Eli is certified by the Michael Newton Institute and Dr. Brian Weiss, the world-renowned author of “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

A past life regression can help you identify people in your current life that you share past lives with. This helps shed light to some of your challenges and gives one an opportunity to forgive and take a different path in forging stronger and healthier relationships. Although at times, past life regression can be emotional, more often than not, people experience a release and healing of baggage they carried for many years without a full understanding of why. They were able to overcome destructive behavioral patterns and move toward greater fulfillment.

Differences In Opinion

Some are of the opinion that you as you move on from soul to soul, you continue to learn life lessons and create a greater fulfillment in future lives. There are various schools of thought with regard to reincarnation and past life regression. Some religions believe that the soul reincarnates while others don’t believe in souls moving on and feel it’s more of a rebirth in another body.

Experiencing past life regressions through hypnosis has become increasingly popular. A hypnotherapist trained in past life regression can advise you of what to expect. It can be a powerful experience for those who wish to explore. Some globally recognized academics are researching reincarnation, near death experiences and past lives.  There is extensive literature on the topic and some of it very compelling. The takeaway here is to challenge one’s own thinking and be open to the possibilities in terms of what makes the most sense for each individual personally.