A Few Essential Ideas on performing the Surya Namaskar for a Healthy Life

Are you practicing surya namaskar? Do you wish to brighten up your experience even more?

Find below a few simple and practical tips to help you make your surya namaskar experience blissful and complete.

  1. Warm up your body before you begin surya namaskar

It is a good idea to do some gentle stretches before you begin with the sun salutation rounds. You would be relieved of the restlessness in the body and prepare it for surya namaskar yoga postures.

  • Where should you face while doing surya namaskar?

Face the East direction when doing surya namaskar in the morning and the West direction when doing the yoga posture in the evening.

  • Adding the attitude of gratitude

It would make a significant difference, as you would be enjoying your stretches more. Your smile would keep the energy going.

  • Doing your surya namaskar gracefully

Grace would be important when you strive to achieve a higher target of surya namaskar rounds. When you pick the pace, do not do it forcefully or with a jerk. Enable the postures to flow gracefully and gently one into the other.

  • Keeping a smile on your face

You would enjoy your stretches more when done with a smile. It would keep your energy levels higher.

  • Doing your surya namaskar with awareness

With awareness being an essential element in the entire practice, surya namaskar could be relatively more energizing. Consider doing the yoga postures at a slow pace, grace, and gratitude along with awareness of the breath.

  • Consider breathing naturally

While doing surya namaskar, breathe normally. Do not breathe forcefully. Breathe gently, slowly, and effortlessly. You should be aware of every breath that you inhale and exhale.  Keep the breath in harmony with every movement of the body.

  • Consider doing surya namaskar while chanting mantras

Through their power of vibration, the surya namaskar and mantras have a penetrating, subtle yet powerful effect on the body and mind of the person. Every 12 surya namaskar poses have 12 corresponding mantras recited to praise the sun. While doing surya namaskar with mantra chants and awareness on chakras would add a feeling of gratitude, adds a thoughtful spiritual and meditative aspect to your practice.

  • Surya namaskar could be a warm up or a stand-alone exercise

It could be used as a warm-up exercise. It could also be a part of your yoga posture practice while keeping it at a slow to medium pace.

  1. Relax after finishing sun salutations

When you finish your last round of surya namaskar, lie down and relax your entire body. To gain the best results, it would be advised to lie down while giving your body adequate time to assimilate the effects of the stretches.

  1. Put your efforts before letting go

An important tip to enhance your sun salutation experience would be to put in your efforts in the beginning before letting go. It would help channelize the restlessness in the body to achieve simple harmony.

Rest assured these surprising tips would help you enjoy your surya namaskar yoga postures in the best possible way.