Real Facts About Differences Between Prescription And Herbal Supplements

When we talk about herbal supplements, and when they are marketed in the USA, there are certain criteria that they are supposed to meet before being approved. It is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is responsible for this approval. I must tell you that the FDA is very strict with their criteria. I mean, it is human life and safety that is in question. That being said, they are very strict more with prescription medication rather than supplements which are considered to be OTC (Over The Counter). Most, if not all herbal health supplements fall into the OTC category.

In fact, most herbal supplements are not regulated at all. And, if you buy any of them whether for weight loss or for some other minor health issues, you will not be breaking any rules and therefore, you don’t have to be worried of going to jail for possession of controlled substance.

Let Us Differentiate Between Prescription And OTC Supplements

So what exactly is the difference between prescription and OTC supplements? Well, as I have pointed out in the first paragraph of this article, most prescription medications only have FDA approval for their usage in the treatment or prevention of diseases. However, most OTC in most cases herbal supplements, such as Hoodia for instance is designed to reduce the amount of food you ingest per meal and thus help you to reduce your weight. While this is somewhat true to the point, there is much more to these supplements that meets the FDA’s standards than meets the average OTC supplement.

Difference Number 1: A Doctor Must Prescribe

One of the biggest differences between prescription and OTC supplements is that you can’t buy a prescription medication in any drugstore or pharmacy without your doctor prescribing it for you with the exact dosage which will be communicated to you by the pharmacy where you usually pick up your medications. There will also be information about possible effects and ways to take action should you experience any of the assumed side effects.

OTC supplements are generally available and can be bought at online pharmacies and other online retailers. This means it is far easier to buy an OTC erectile dysfunction supplement online than the “little blue prescription ED pills” over the Internet.

Difference Number 2: Proven Effectiveness

Another big difference between prescription and OTC supplements lies in the results. While prescription medications have to have to be very effective before they can be sold, herbal supplements are generally sold without any proof of efficacy. I guess the reason being that the herbal supplements are made from ingredients that Mother Nature provides.

Difference Number 3: The Price Tag

I have not yet seen or heard of an herbal supplement being more expensive than even the cheapest prescription drug. If you know one, why don’t you relay it to me? You can see prescription medicines in the range of more than $10 per pill but herbal supplements that are supposed to remedy the same health issues cost just a fraction of that.

Difference Number 4: Frequency Of Usage

Another big difference between prescription and OTC supplements is that prescription drugs have to be taken strictly according to the doctor’s stipulation. The dosage, how many times a day etc must all be abided with. It is recommended not to miss a dose. Herbal supplements don’t have such limitations. You take them if and when you feel like. While prescription drugs do have the ability to cause very serious side effects to anyone who does use them, it is much more likely that an OTC supplement will cause only mild side effects.

Difference Number 5: Ingredients Used

Manufacturers of prescription drugs have to list the ingredients they used in making their product and put them on the label. In most cases, the names of the ingredients make no sense to me because of the medical or chemical terms the use. On the other side though, manufacturers or let me say sellers of OTC supplements name the ingredients as they are called naturally because the majority of their ingredients come from nature around us.

This means that if you choose an OTC pill that is made up of components that are not the right components or does not contain the right components, it will not be as effective as when it contains the proper components. It is important that you make sure that you choose an OTC product that is made of pure ingredients. One can’t be too careful because there are fake OTC supplements out there especially on the internet.

Another key point of this comparison is when you are able to do an online comparison of the pills. When you are able to compare pills online, you are able to see all of the pills in a store and also compare each pill side by side with an OTC supplement. This means that you are able to get to see the side effects of an OTC supplement as well as some other valuable data about a particular product. This should help you make a much wiser choice of an OTC supplement to use when you in a dilemma of choice.

You should also remember to make sure that you only compare the supplements you find on the market that have the proper components in them. Check every ingredient and do researches on the ingredient themselves to have an insight into how each particular ingredient can address the issues they are intended for.