The Seemingly Complicated Dental Implants Process Explained

The loss of a tooth due to many circumstances has its shortcomings. Depending on what tooth or teeth are missing as well as where the missing teeth are located, a person is likely to experience embarrassment if one has to smile and being uncomfortable while eating. However, you may not be aware of all the solutions that are available to fill in the gap. Many dentists offer their patients dental implants and other restorative procedures that help to restore the structure of teeth.

Your Initial Step
The first step when seeking the treatment at the dental clinic will be the dental examination. This is to check the suitability of the implant for the position to be filled up by the dental crown. The dentist and the patient will then discuss the surgical procedures needed to complete the treatment.

During the initial evaluation of your teeth that you are missing a filling or crown, or possibly more, a hole will be drilled into the tooth and an acrylic substance called a “bond” placed into the hole. 

A dental implant in the mouth works like a root of a tree or a bridge, except that it is used in the lower arch of the teeth. It may be made of titanium because it is a biocompatible material, and it is usually used in one stage or in a series of stages to fill up the gaps left by missing teeth. When properly done the dental implant can replace several missing teeth or a tooth.

Dental Implant Procedure
It will be done following the steps of the 3 stages of the dental implants: placement procedure, placement of a temporary implant, and a final implant that is fixed to the jaw bone. The dentist will explain these steps to you in detail and also the steps that will follow where the temporary implant will be built up. I will advice to consult dental implants surgeons of Houston just in case you live in this city. That is a good way to get more information about how the process goes and many more.

The first step will involve the removal of an abutment and replacing it with the titanium screw. The titanium implant will then be screwed into the abutment. It is during this stage when there are nerves that are to be covered up. They will be treated and prepared by the dentist.

Following this the titanium implant that will be fitted into the jawbone will be exposed and prepared for the crown. The crown is the new tooth that will be used to replace any missing or lost teeth. It is constructed from tooth colored material and will be screwed into the gum tissue. It will be shaped after healing and prepared for a fill.

In case of a deep cavity that is to be filled up there will be a need for a root canal. This will involve the removal of the infected tooth and the preparation of a temporary tooth. The temporary tooth is made from porcelain. It is then given shape and color by then being cut out and prepared.

The Breakdown
The tooth is exposed with a temporary crown or a bridge to allow the bone to acclimate to the implant and for there to be sufficient bone around the implant to support it. The crown is attached to the implant by means of a screw that goes into the bone. 

A temporary implant will be placed in the bone. It is then fixed to the implant with screws.

It is then left until the bone has fully healed and then a permanent implant is placed after a period of observation.

The temporary implants are removed and the screw inserted into the bone. The screw is left there for a period of two weeks after the implant is placed in the bone.
How Long Will It Take?
The entire process in this case can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months. But the length of time will depend on the type of implant you have, the extent of the reconstruction, the size of your jaw bone, and on the overall health of your gum tissues. There are other factors, such as if there are any allergies or sensitivities to the material that was used and your medical history.

How Much Does A Dental Implant Procedure Cost?
The cost of the dental implants will vary according to the experience level of the dentist, the extent of the reconstruction to be built up, the health of the patient’s gum tissues, and the kind of implant. A local dentist will do the whole procedure in a single sitting; a general dentist requires several visits and many sessions. I would like to cite an example of the cost of dental implants in a typical Houston oral surgery clinic. The cost can range from around $1000 to $3000 depending on how many implants you would like.