Tips for Asthma and Carpets

Carpets and Asthma are related. Carpets can be the most suitable flooring material if your home is not at all exposed to dust and air pollution. However, carpet and Asthma are often linked together because people with Asthma are more likely to develop allergies due to carpet materials.

The causes of Asthma are many. It is said that it is hereditary, but this is not true. In most cases though, exposure to certain substances like pollen, mould, dust, and smoke is the cause. Pollen is the main irritant for most Asthma patients, although there are some patients who develop allergic reactions to flowers, food, trees, and dust mites.

Aside from allergies, Asthma can also be aggravated by cold temperatures and humidity. In most cases, carpets retain the heat from the room and cold temperatures cause the body to become more responsive. This may lead to Asthma attacks. Carpets do not help much in keeping the temperature regulated in a cold house. The only thing it can do is to trap heat. This in turn will cause suffocation or even heat-related deaths of some Asthma patients.

In order to avoid these unfortunate events, Asthma patients should ensure that their house is free of dust and mould and that they have the best carpets to help them breathe. It would be an Asthma miracle if you could actually keep your house free from pollen and other airborne irritants. Unfortunately, though, it is impossible. Hence, carpet cleaning is a must. Carpets attract particles just like anything else does.

Asthma and carpet owners have to be extra careful with their carpet cleaning procedures. Vacuuming alone cannot remove allergens from carpets. Asthma patients should vacuum their carpets at least once every week. This is more than enough to remove any allergens. Using the vacuum head at least five times a week for cleaner carpet means you are taking out even more allergens from the air in your house.

Asthma and Carpets: Carpet cleaning is also very important for curing Asthma. Cleaning regularly helps eliminate pollens and bacteria that trigger an Asthma attack. A clean air stream improves the air quality greatly and makes it more inhalable for a person who is suffering from an allergic reaction. Regular carpet cleaning keeps dust and allergens out of the air.

You need to know the right way of caring for your carpet to avoid having problems with Asthma. Keep the carpet clean. Remove stains as soon as possible and if you see any signs of mould, make sure you take the carpet away from your house immediately. Do not walk on the carpet of a house which has an outbreak of asthma. Clean the carpets with disinfectant regularly. Regular vacuuming will also help keep allergens out of your house.

Asthma and Carpets: Carpets do not cause Asthma directly but they can trigger an asthma attack. If you suffer from an Asthma condition, clean your carpet regularly and take care of the allergy attacks. It is very important for people suffering from Asthma to keep their carpets clean. The breathing problems Asthma patients suffer can be very debilitating and obstruct their life significantly.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner Regular carpet cleaning will keep your carpet free from allergens. You should get the carpet cleaned at least once a week in order to avoid asthma and allergy attacks. Use a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filters. A carpet vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter will remove more particles from the carpet and this will prevent the build-up of mucus and perspiration which trigger an asthma attack. This also keeps dust mites from breeding in carpet and it also prevents dust and pollen mites from entering the house.

Cleaning Your Carpet’s Regular vacuuming will keep your carpet free from dust mites, mould spores and allergens. You should vacuum your carpets at least two times a week. You should vacuum more often if you have pets. You can also use steam cleaners. If you are having hardwood floors in your home you should use an all-purpose vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Your Carpet’s Regular vacuuming will prevent asthma attacks. It also keeps carpets clean. You should remove stains from carpet regularly. A stained carpet can harbour mould spores and other allergens. You should also vacuum and mop spots and stains quickly to minimize exposure to allergens and irritants.

Asthma and Carpets You should protect your carpet from allergens. You should use air filtration devices in your home. In addition, you should also perform carpet cleaning regularly. These tips will help you stay away from asthma attacks and respiratory complications caused by allergens.