Fun things to do in LA in the coming months

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising again, you are probably looking for some fun but safe things to do around Los Angeles. There are a lot of opportunities in the next few months to do work around the house, get together with a small group in a safe setting, and even take up a new hobby. Here are some things to do in Los Angeles in the coming months.

Visit an escape room

An escape room like Maze Rooms is an inexpensive team-building experience that can be a great time for friends and family. Escape rooms require teamwork, communication, problem-solving skills and concentration, so remember to go with people you know and are comfortable with. You can even go with your colleagues because escape rooms are excellent team-building opportunities.

Whether you go with coworkers, family or friends, escape rooms offer you and your work associates a fun and challenging time to relax, build continuity and develop trust for one another. Great teams are made up of people with unique skills, strengths and weaknesses. During an escape room experience, everyone must exhibit their skills to the best of their ability to ensure all tasks get done. Once you are in the room, assign roles so everyone can use their strengths and accomplish tasks they will be good at.

Convert your garage

Do you have a garage that’s just storing junk or taking up space? You can transform your garage into a number of new things — from an entertainment center or gym to a guest house or extended kitchen. Remember to use a professional for the work like Levi Design Build to ensure your project is up to code with your local municipality. A garage conversion is a fun and safe project that can require a lot of work, but in the end, it will be worth it as you and your family will have a new addition to your home. And, if you are home with your children or family at the moment, this can become a group project that will give you some extra bonding time with them.

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