Ring Light: A reality behind well-lit videos and photographs

Have you ever get flabbergasted how the majority of the beautiful photographs as well as videos are so flashing and bright by maintaining high-quality too? But, if you have a thought on top of your head that the reason behind this is the expensive and top-notch quality of the camera, then you’re surely wrong here. Most of such influencers and beauty icons such as Luvo Store can come up with such videos & pictures due to a piece of unique equipment, such as the ring light. Let us know more about these ring lights below.

A few words about ring lights

In simple words, it is a multi-purpose lighting purpose that is easy to use that allows the user to acquire a uniform light source that comes from the camera’s point of view directly. This device is made up of a single circular fluorescent bulb and sometimes, connected with small LED lights that are circular.

A ring light is popular behind the scenes tool that is used by almost all of the social media influencers. Thus, we have jotted down some of the reasons below due to which people use a ring light and it has become an eye-catching tool.

Why go for a ring light?

Originally, ring lights are developed for both dental wells as medical purposes. On the flip side, because of the wide potential capabilities, the ring light was considered for various commercial motives that comprise of following reasons. Let us take a peek at these below.

  • Focused details

Because of the design and the structure, ring lights are the best source for emphasizing the photographs as well as videos perfectly. The circular design of the ring lights enables the users to use the camera in between the hole of that light and focus specifically on the detailed shoot.

  • Macro photography

When you are using ring lights for capturing pictures, then it produces ideal balanced lighting that is evenly scattered on each side of either object or model that the user wants to emphasize. Without spending a huge amount of money on shooting, it allows the users to create some high-quality pictures as well as videos.

  • Generating color effects

By switching the light bulbs to different colors and even by applying some color gels on various parts of the ring lights, it can easily generate the color effects. The usage of ring lights that allow the user to create color washes in several directions across the object or during the video too.

  • Video production

When you’re using ring lights as an only source for lighting in any photoshoot or a video-making, then these lights can create a creative and eye-catching halo shadow that outlines the main focus of the picture or video brilliantly. It gives a professional as well as a dramatic look for filming.

  • Makeup Implementation

As the ring lights can produce a daylight rating for the color of about 54000k, it is regarded as the best and ideal one for makeup application on an overcast day or during the non-availability of natural light.

How to pick up the right type of ring light?

The above-mentioned are some of the highlighted applications for which it is useful and effective to go with ring lights rather than anything else. It makes the videos and pictures attractive and also make sure that it seems like an aglow. Now, it is high time to know whether the ring light you’re going to buy is an accurate fit for you or not. It is not much tricky to get the one but it is good to consider some points while buying the one.

Let us move forward and focus on the highlighted aspects by considering which we can choose the best ring lights that serve our purposes better. Begin with the points to remember for shopping ring lights below.

If you are looking to purchase any ring light for fulfilling either your personal or business needs, then you may find it difficult to select the one that serves you the best. Move forward and take a glance at pointers.

  • Ring lights at home

You may also find some videos on YouTube that will guide you on how to make such ring lights at home within your set budget. But the trickiest part will be the choice of getting the right set of material and how to put it together ideally. Additionally, you need to make sure that it is safe as well as the light is stable too that can be used for a long period.

  • Warranty

The warranty of ring light varies from one seller to another, so you need to keep an eye over the warranties. As a thumb rule, you need to go for the one that includes the time of twelve months for buying.

  • Color temperature

When there is a need for a warm and healthy glow on any subject, then a warm color temperature is used during filing as well as photography. The ring lights have the option to switch the color temperature, as it is a convenient way to get dimmer light.

  • Device usage

The choice of ring light depends on the device that you’re using such as a camera, tablet, or smartphone. Choose the ring light that is big enough to fit perfectly with your device, likewise DSLR or iPad. The device should be fit inside comfortably and it makes the video or picture session easy for you.

  • Power and the size of the ring light

The size and power need to be taken into account while looking for a perfect ring light. The lighting output will be better if the lumens and CRI (Color Rendering Index) is higher as it indicates the object bigger and brighter. This makes a huge difference for people who are relying on color accuracy such as tattoo artists, hair colorists, and so on.

  • Included accessories

You need to make sure whether it comes with a carry bag, phone bracelet, a mirror, a gooseneck, and an AC power adaptor. These are some of the accessories that a ring light ought to come with.

How to use a ring light?

The right way to use the ring light is by placing it around the device that you’re using for filming or capturing pictures. But if you want to experiment with some things on it, then you can use it from the other side as well. If you will handle the light accurately, then you can get defined and unique results. On the other side, most photographers use it traditionally.

It is better to use it conventionally before you’re implementing any new ideas and techniques. With the help of these ring lights, you may need to use the tripod because of the weight and mounted them on the wall too. The top-notch quality of ring lights is good to shoot with the compliance of all ISO conditions and distant focal points.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, you need to buy a ring light that is easy to use and also, save your time for a longer period. Evaluate the time and also figure out how much time it takes for editing and consider your budget as well. Make the best decision on the choice of opting for the right types of equipment.

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