A guide to a new home decor

It is a pleasant feeling when we invest our time and put thought into decorating our home. Isn’t it? We scan through so many options and weigh the pros and cons of each to give a personalized touch to our home. The fact that we are dedicated to turning the concrete residence into a beautiful, breathing home is also a manifestation of the love we have for our family. 

You know, it is always great to consider the wishes of each of your family members and how they want their rooms or favorite spots to be designed and decorated. Some members might only be interested in their bedroom, some might love cooking, and they want the kitchen to be the center of attraction.

Some might ask you to transform the living room into a soothing, relaxing space so that you have quality family time together. Since you are the one who has taken the responsibility to do it all single-handedly, be considerate. 

List out things you want to get done

Make an organized and precise list of things that you want to be included in your decor. Mention specific details so that you do not forget anything while executing your plans. You can take the help of online tools and apps to plan and note everything that will also enable you to make changes afterward. 

Know your budget

Since wealth is a relative concept, you should go for pieces and decor items in your budget. There are always alternatives available. Buy affordable but quality products. Do not overspend and keep an account sheet updated with every purchase you make. That keeps your spending on track.

Get ideas from social media platforms

What is stopping you from using Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook for getting ideas on home decor? Well, apart from posting and stalking selfies, you can take inspiration to try out new interior decorating, which paint goes well with what kind of furniture, curtains, etc. 

Give walls a unique touch with your art

Are you one of those who are passionate about art and only seek a chance whenever possible? Express your emotions and feelings onto a canvas or directly paint your walls in an unconventionally desired way. You can even paint the first page of your favorite book on one of the walls of your room. How cool, right?

Traditional touch

When everyone is up for westernizing their lifestyles, go for lipan work on walls, make creative warli paintings as showpieces. You can even paint them on cushion covers, curtains, etc. Why not visit nearby Hastkala Mela? It exposes you to a variety of hand made mesmerizing traditional showpieces. Clay decoration models would make your home look elegant. Wooden handmade home decor gives a rich look to the garden lobbies and brings life to it. 

Try things you could not try

Do not suppress any more desires. Now when you are all up for new home decor, make sure that you live and experience every bit of it. 

Always keep in mind, it is your home; to make it look quirky and distinct, don’t strip off the comfort it provides you. 

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