Can I Build A Desktop Computer Without A Graphics Card?

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A common question that customers have when they build a PC is whether or not they need to buy a graphics card – also known as a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Do you really need a GPU to build a PC? Find out!

Yes, You Can Build A Desktop Computer Without A Graphics Card

If you want to build a desktop computer without a graphics card, you can! And, in fact, this is a better option for some people. If you just want a desktop computer to handle basic tasks like web browsing, answering emails, and watching YouTube, a graphics card is not necessary.

This is because all modern CPUs (Central Processing Units) have “integrated” or “onboard” graphics. Basically, this system can handle most day-to-day computing tasks that do not require powerful graphics rendering hardware.

As long as you do not plan on gaming, editing videos, or doing other graphics-intensive tasks, a GPU is optional for building a desktop – your desktop will work just fine without one.

 You’ll Need A Graphics Card For Gaming And Other Graphics-Intensive Tasks

If you want to play video games, edit videos, stream on Twitch or YouTube, or do anything else that requires a lot of graphical processing power, you will not be able to do this with CPU integrated graphics.

Modern graphics cards are orders of magnitude more powerful than onboard or integrated graphics – and are essential for proper performance when engaging in any graphically-intensive task. Even an inexpensive graphics card will outperform your CPU’s integrated graphics by a wide margin.

Can I Add A Graphics Card Later When I Build A PC?

Graphics cards are often the most expensive component when building a PC. If you’re on a budget – or you’re waiting to get a next-gen graphics card from AMD or NVIDIA but want to build your PC now – you may want to add a graphics card later.

And this is completely possible! Graphics cards have a “plug and play” installation. All you have to do is simply plug the card into a PCI-E slot on your motherboard and connect it to your computer’s power supply, and you can do this even after you’ve built your PC.

The main limiting factor here is your PC’s power supply. Graphics cards require a lot of power – so if you want to add a graphics card later, you will need to make sure you buy a PSU that’s rated highly enough for the GPU to draw sufficient power when you install it. This PSU calculator tool from OuterVision is useful for this purpose.

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