Wematcher, the social network that is a blessing for LGBT


The world has become a global village due to the contemporary technological revolution and social media has played an important role to make this happen. Social media has changed the ways of interaction and communication among people and now it is considered as the most effective way to bring changes in society. Social media platforms were designed to connect people from every area and gender without discrimination however, recent reports about LGBT discrimination have unveiled this false notion that these social media platforms are for everyone. Popular social media platforms have blocked many accounts because of this discrimination in the name of terms and policy violations.

Thousands of examples can prove that LGBT members are facing social media discrimination. One such example is Greta Christina www.facebook.com/gretachristina/posts/10209664794395902 whose account was banned just because she posted a picture with her wife. According to recent reports, these social media platforms are still a source of restriction and frustration for LGBT content. A recent report by BBC www.bbc.com/news/technology-54102575 certain hash tags was removed from the social media because of certain barriers.  Similarly, reports published by CNN edition.cnn.com/2020/07/10/tech/instagram-conversion-therapy-ban-scli-intl-gbr/index.html also shows that famous platforms are showing certain restrictions for LGBT members. These restrictions are creating serious concerns among the community and if you are among the one who is searching a platform whose policies are user friendly for all communities and especially for LGBT than Wematcher is here to provide excellent services to you.


Wematcher is an amazing platform that is serving thousands of users from all over the world to interact with one another without any social discrimination. Whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community or from other sections looking to interact and make friends this platform will help you in making incredible friendships.

In addition to its amazing feature LGBT members can exchange gifts and earn money as well. This unique and innovative platform helps the likeminded people to interact by using some exceptional features that other platforms do not provide. Before discussing these amazing features let’s find out the importance of this platform.


As in the background, we have proved that some communities of the society are suffering from discrimination problems and LGBT members are mostly the victim of this discrimination. So, there should have been some platform where open-minded people could exchange their views and in an environment that is completely user friendly. This platform is the best opportunity where people from all over the world can not only communicate but also can help others financially as well. It’s hard to find any platform on the internet that enables the users to provide such an amazing opportunity to earn with enjoyment and dating so this is simply incredible.

Future in social media networks;

Who does not want to earn the money with enjoyment? But it is hard to find such an amazing platform that can provide enjoyment and earn as well. It’s a platform where can you flirt and meet with open-minded people from all over the world and where you can earn thousands of euros as this basic requirement can be fulfilled from this platform so this is the platform of the future. We use social media to find likeminded people but due to certain restrictions of every social platform, it is difficult for their users to exchange their views with complete freedom. This platform is welcoming LGBT and all other members to make great intimacies by giving them freedom due to its amazing features. Before discussing the amazing features that will make it the part and parcel of every person’s life soon let’s find out how it will change the life of the LGBT community.

How it will become an important part of LGBT members;

As we know other social platforms are showing discrimination in polices for LGBT but this platform is specially created for LGBT and other singles so they find their perfect match. This platform gives the freedom to LGBT members to interact and earn money without creating problems for them. As this platform is completely safe and secure for everyone so this will LGBT members to enjoy their conversation without any fear. This platform will not only help the LGBT members emotionally but it will also help them to make themselves financially secure as well. So, every LGBT member must join our platform because of its amazing features. Let’s find out how Wemathcer is a perfect social platform for people from every walk of life.


Due to the amazing features of this platform, it is estimated that average 5.000.000 people are interacting with one another and 200.000 gifts are exchanged per month. These statistics prove that our platform is becoming more and more popular among the masses.  The Trust of more millions of people proves that it’s an app of the future. More and more people will join in this app in the future because of its following features;

  • Easy to use
  • Free to use
  • Source of earning
  • Completely Safe
  • Gift sharing
  • Source of entertainment

So let’s discuss each feature in detail;

Easy to use;

This amazing platform is completely user friendly and because of its user-friendly interface, everyone can use this. Unlike other social platforms, this platform can be used without any registration as well. LGBT members who are suffering because of the terms and policies of other platforms can use this platform to meet with their perfect partners and to earn a handsome amount of money as well. In addition to this platform can be easily used in all devices without any restrictions so if you want to instantly connect with millions of people easily this platform is for you.

Free to use;

This platform is completely free to use so this is the best opportunity for everyone to join it to make the lie more wonderful. There are no registration fees at all so whether you have registered your account or not you can select the number of gender without any delay and can connect with millions of people within seconds. However; if you have registered your account then you will be able to enjoy some extra features but as far as fees are concerned this beautiful platform is completely free to use.

Source of earning;

As we have discussed earlier that who does not want to earn money with chatting? If you are an LGBT or other single person this platform is the best opportunity for you to socialize and interact with thousands of people and earn thousands of euros with the help of this application. The only way to earn money on this platform is exchanging gifts so increasing the performance on your webcam will directly lead toward more chances to earn more money. When you have performed well on the webcam than at the end of the chat then our platform will use certain techniques to measure your performance. So more your performance will be on webcam, the more you will be popular and the chance to earn more money also increases so this is completely incredible.

Gift sharing;

As we have mentioned above the only way to earn money is through the gifts however let’s find out how gifts can help you to earn money. When your performance on the webcam is good and you receive a gift from another person then these gifts will be automatically converted into the WM points. These WM points can be converted into money as every 1000 points on this platform is equal to 2 euros. So, whether you are a member of the LGBT or not then this platform will help you to use your preferred banking resource to get money.

Completely safe;

This platform is completely safe as there is no risk of losing data through this platform. As we can access this platform without any registration as well so there is complete safety of your privacy policies as well. This platform guarantees that it will save your data safe and keep you safe and secure from external hazards. This platform is a blessing for LGBT as this amazing platform can help them to securely interact with one another without creating terms and policy problems for them. So, if you are an LGBT and looking for the best social platform for you where you can securely connect with millions of other people from all over the world this platform will help you a lot.

Final words

Wematcher is an amazing social media platform where everyone from all over the world can interact with one another without any discrimination. This platform is becoming popular among the LGBT community because of its user-friendly services and no discrimination policies. In this article, we have learned that how social media platforms are creating problems for LGBT members, and due to the amazing features of this platform LGBT members from all over the world can securely connect. Wematcher is a perfect social platform where you can earn thousands of euros and can make countless friends easily so keep enjoying the amazing services!

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